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LED Cooler and Freezer Lamps


MaxLite LED Cooler and Freezer Lamps deliver crisp, bright light that creates attractive food and product displays in freezers and walk-in refrigerator cases. They consume less energy and run longer and cooler than fluorescent freezer bulbs, lowering operating costs and reducing the risk of food spoilage. The DC-operated tubes feature a low mounting height and smooth construction that present a clean, unobtrusive appearance in display cases.

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48RL1841 48RL1841 18 1450.0 4100 80 24 DC DLC
60RL2241 60RL2241 22 1819.0 4100 80 24 DC DLC
72RL3041 72RL3041 30 2221.0 4100 80 24 DC DLC
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