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High Output Area Light


The LED High Output Area Light (AR-XAL) keeps illumination levels and energy savings on target for automotive dealerships, tennis courts and other outdoor spaces requiring highly powerful and focused lighting. Able to replace 1000 watts metal halide at a 55 percent energy reduction, the High Output Area Light provides a quick payback and decades of maintenance-free performance.

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AR-XAL450HT3-50B AR-XAL450HT3-50B 1000W PSMH 450 57030.0 5000 73 347-480 DLC_Premium
AR-XAL450HT4-50B AR-XAL450HT4-50B 1000W PSMH 450 55375.0 5000 73 347-480 DLC_Premium
AR-XAL450HT5-50B AR-XAL450HT5-50B 1000W PSMH 450 55940.0 5000 73 347-480 DLC_Premium
AR-XAL450UT3-50B AR-XAL450UT3-50B 1000W PSMH 450 56815.0 5000 73 120-277 DLC_Premium
AR-XAL450UT4-50B AR-XAL450UT4-50B 1000W PSMH 450 57157.0 5000 73 120-277 DLC_Premium
AR-XAL450UT5-50B AR-XAL450UT5-50B 1000W PSMH 450 56287.0 5000 73 120-277 DLC_Premium
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