ECO-T LED Recessed Troffer


Designed with the look of a traditional fluorescent fixture, the ECO-T™ LED Recessed Troffer offers a classic recessed troffer housing with LED strips that emulate fluorescent lamps, but operates with the energy saving and long life benefits of LED technology. The ECO-T is a cost-effective alternative to traditional fluorescent fixtures designed for drop ceilings in commercial and institutional applications. The ECO-T comes standard with a dimming driver and prismatic clear diffuser for higher lumens. The fixtures are offered in standard 120- to 277-volt, and 347-volt models for use with Candian electrical systems.

The ECO-T LED Recessed Troffer emits 90 percent of the light in a downward 60-degree beam angle so all of the projected lighting is effectively projected onto surfaces or tabletops.

Recently, ECO-T was selected as a Money-Saving Product from BUILDINGS magazine.

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Standard prismatic clear diffuser

Prismatic clear diffuser for higher lumens

Color uniformity and even light distribution

Constructed with LM-80-rated chips with high-ranked binning that ensures color uniformity and produces accurate color rendering, even light distribution and minimal glare

Constructed without any hazardous materials

Fixture is RoHS-compliant and provides a cool operation without emitting radiation or heat, which reduces maintenance costs

50,000 hour life

50,000 hour life, or more than 17 years operating 8 hours a day, is based on L70 standards (at 70 degrees F based on LM80 data). When the LEDs reach 30 percent lumen depreciation, end-of-life is reached. This life cycle far exceeds halogen and CFL, and is almost double the life of linear fluorescents.

Can be linked

Up to 20 panels and a master panel can be linked to operate as a synced unit

Thermal control capabilities

Housing and back panel are sheet steel and provide heat sink and thermal control capabilities

Reduced operating and maintenance costs

The room side lensed access door enables serviceability and re-lamping of replaceable LED strips, for reductions in operating and maintenance costs

Mutiple voltage operation

Operates on 120- through 277-volt, and 347-volt electrical systems

Flicker-free operation

Constructed with LM-80-rated LEDs tied to a solid state driver that supports silent and flicker-free operation