CFL SquatMax GU24


With an extra short maximum overall length (MOL) to fit most fixtures with a GU24-base, the spiral-shaped CFL SquatMax GU24 is offered in a 2700K (warm white) correlated color temperature (CCT) and is ideal for table and floor lamps, recessed lighting fixtures, wall sconces, vanity bars, pendants and other corridor lighting fixtures in homes, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and retail and hospitality applications. The ENERGY STAR®-qualified CFL SquatMax GU24 has a long life of 10,000 hours.

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Energy Star®
13.0 W18.0 W26.0 W
900.0 lm1250.0 lm1700.0 lm
2700 K2700 K2700 K
60W Inc.75W Inc.100W Inc.
0.17 lbs.0.18 lbs.0.22 lbs.
2.93 "2.93 "3.08 "
2.50 "2.73 "3.35 "
2.93 "2.93 "3.10 "
3.10 "3.10 "3.35 "
10000 hours10000 hours10000 hours
3 years3 years3 years