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Area Light Fixtures


Designed to enhance safety and security in public places, MaxLite LED Medium Area Lights provide energy-efficient illumination for parking lots, roadways, pathways and perimeters.The lights are designed to replace metal halide fixtures of up to 400 watts, while reducing energy consumption by 75-80 percent. In addition to diminishing energy costs, the fixtures virtually eliminate maintenance expenses with an industry-leading L70 lifetime of 200,000 hours. The 105-watt fixture is currently qualified by DesignLights Consortium (DLC); other models are also expected to be listed by DLC and eligible for utility rebate programs nationwide.

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MLAR100LED50 MLAR100LED50 300W PS 100 9130.0 5000 120-277 TYPE V
MLAR100LED50/3 MLAR100LED50/3 300W PS 103 9515.0 5000 120-277 TYPE III DLC
MLAR100LED50/5WUH MLAR100LED50/5WUH 300W PS 100 9160.0 5000 347-480 TYPE V
MLAR140LED50 MLAR140LED50 400W MH 136 11730.0 5000 120-277 TYPE III
MLAR140LED50/3 MLAR140LED50/3 400W MH 141 13040.0 5000 120-277 TYPE III
MLAR70LED50 MLAR70LED50 250W MH 62 5220.0 5000 120-277 TYPE V
MLAR70LED50/3 MLAR70LED50/3 250W MH 63 5730.0 5000 120-277 TYPE III
MLAR70LED50/5W MLAR70LED50/5W 250W MH 62 5470.0 5000 120-277 TYPE V
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