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Adjustable Wall Packs


Adjustable, installation-friendly LED Wall Packs are constructed with pivoting heads that aim light precisely, with chip-on-board LEDs to minimize glare and backlight. The durable, energy-saving fixtures are perfect for lighting outdoor walkways, landscapes, parking areas, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and other commercial spaces.

Available in small (13W, 26W) and large (74W) outputs, LED Wall Packs are designed with sleek, heat-sinking fins that extend the L70 lifetime of the fixtures to an exceptional 120,000 hours at TM-21 standards. Efficacy for both fixture sizes exceeds 80 lm/W, translating to 75 percent energy savings over the HID luminaires they replace. Wall packs include voltage-specific photo controls for efficient operation.

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LAW74U50BSS LAW74U50BSS 250W MH 74 6230.0 5000 70 120-277
SAW13U50BSS SAW13U50BSS 100W MH 14 1165.0 5000 70 120-277
SAW26U50BSS SAW26U50BSS 175W MH 29 2345.0 5000 70 120-277
WP-ADL70U-50B WP-ADL70U-50B 250W MH 70 8200.0 5000 70 120-277
WP-ADS20U-50B WP-ADS20U-50B 150W MH 20 2100.0 5000 70 120-277 DLC
WP-ADS29U-50B WP-ADS29U-50B 175W MH 30 3100.0 5000 70 120-277 DLC
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