70 to 140 Watt LED Large Floods


Designed as efficient, energy-saving replacements for metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures, the line of MaxLED Flood Lights have a long life of 50,000 hours and operate on electrical systems ranging from 120 to 277 volts. Available in 70- and 100- and 140-watt version, this series of Flood Lights is designed with a integral driver, and replace up to 250-, 320- and 400-watt metal halide fixtures.

All fixtures are available in a 5000K (daylight) correlated color temperature (CCT) and offer a NEMA 5 distribution, in full flood or a type V pattern with MaxFOCUS™ collimator, for longer throw applications. Optional mounting accessories are available to suit a variety of installation needs. DesignLights Consortium®-qualified models are available.


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Multiple mounting options

Fixtures can be mounted to a die cast 270-degree flood elbow arm or to a fixed parking arm that is constructed of extruded aluminum and finished in bronze

Narrow and focused light

Patent pending MaxFOCUS™ light collimator and thermal pressure plate narrows and focuses light to achieve tight cutoff light levels, while reducing operational temperatures through improved thermal transfer

Copper-plated LED modules

LED modules are copper plated to provide high thermal transfer rate and minimize the junction temperature of LEDs to maximize service life

Save $1,329.60 in energy savings over the 50,000 hour lifetime of the fixture

If a 250-watt metal halide flood light operating 12 hours a day was replaced with a 70-watt LED Flood Light operating in the same conditions, electricity costs would be reduced 76 percent, from $152.42/year to $35.95/year, for a total of $1,329.60 in energy savings over the 50,000 hour lifetime of the fixture.

50,000 hour life

50,000 hour life is more than 17 years operating 8 hours a day, based on L70 standards

Durable housing

With a tempered glass lens and constructed of heavy-duty cast aluminum one-piece housing that is TGIC Polyester powder coated, fixtures are protected against rust, corrosion, dirt and insects

Glare free

The crisp white light is enhanced with the black ceramic frit on tempered glass that reduces glare and improves the overall light finish

Environmentally friendly

The fixtures operate without emitting UV or IR rays and are maintenance-free and constructed without mercury or hazardous materials

Uniform color consistency

Engineered with proprietary binned LM-80-rated LED chips that provide uniform color consistency

Building control compatible

Building control and dusk-to-dawn and occupancy sensor compatible, providing additional energy savings and reduced utility costs

Increased light distribution

Wider Type 5 Optics increase the spacing distribution of light in desired areas