135 to 405 Watt StaxMAX LED Flood Lights


Ideal for car dealerships, youth sports parks, golf driving ranges, facades and general area illumination, the StaxMAX™ LED Flood Lights are unique and flexible systems, comprised of self-contained modular elements, representing variability in both lumen output and optics capabilities. The StaxMAX LED Flood Lights can be specified in one-, two-, or three-module configurations where each module can have one of the three available optical distributions.


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Product Gallery

Modular housing design

Up to three 135-watt modules, each with one of three beam angles in 22-, 55- and 120-degrees

Field aiming

Yoke mount includes 270 degree pivot base plate and integrated arm with side protractor for field aiming

Easy field install

Discreet J-Box on each frame enables easy field install

Guard against full module light outage

Multiple circuits on each module guard against full module light outage

Compatible with controls and sensors

Compatible with controls and sensors for additional energy savings

50,000 hour life

Life is more than 17 years operating 8 hours a day, based on L70 standards

Durable lens

Tempered glass lens

Heat sinking

IP65-rated with heat sinking across the full modules