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MaxLite appreciates young talent and encourages fresh perspectives to help grow the company's innovative energy-efficient technologies. Read real-life testimonials from current and former interns and consider joining MaxLite's team. To be considered for an exciting internship opportunity, please email your resume to

MaxLite is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Currently, MaxLite is looking for interns for the following areas:

Position Job # Location Position Type
Recent intern profiles:
Carlos Alarcon  |  New Jersey Institute of Technology  |  Dec. 2013 graduate

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
"I started in November 2013 as a Tech Support Intern, and when I graduated in December I was brought on full time as a Quality Control Engineer. I previously had experience with components, transformers and ballasts at another internship, which prepared me for the hands-on trouble shooting and testing experience I received during my internship, and now my full-time position."
Tyler Mogavero  |  Rutgers  |  May 2014 graduate

B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering
"The experiences and knowledge gained throughout the internship program at MaxLite have been invaluable to me in growing my career. I have worked with manufacturing, supply chain, and operational excellence gaining a strong foundational knowledge base of different business functions and the opportunities to expand my network are crucial to my development. Through different experiences, MaxLite associates learn about front line leadership, strategic and tactical execution, supplier and customer relationships and many other invaluable lessons. I feel well equipped to take on any challenge in my career because of what I have gained through my experience in the MaxLite internship program."